Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Make the choice to live your dream life

What’s your dream?

Everyone has hopes and dreams that begin way back when we’re kids and change as we grow up. When we were young we dreamed of being astronauts or having a pony, dreams that were so unrealistic but yet we were convinced could happen. As we grow up and our knowledge expands we begin to dream of things that are achievable, things that will make us feel complete, feel successful and simply a way of life that leaves us feeling happy.

But do we always do that? Do we live our lives in away that will help us to achieve our goals, our ultimate success and our dream life? If you can answer and honestly answer yes to all of those questions then good for you, you’re one step ahead of me, but sadly I don’t believe everyone can.

Are you working 40 hours a week on the same shift in a job that pays the bills but you have to drag yourself out of bed in the morning to go to? Are there people in your life you know shouldn’t be but you just can’t seem to break away from? Do you wish you had the body that you had 5 years ago but just don’t think you have the time to change it?

You deserve to live your dream life. You have the capabilities. You have the time. But more importantly you have realized you just won’t settle for less. It takes courage to fulfill your dreams, to not just step out of but jump out of the rut your in and decide today is the day you will live a life that’s different, a life that will lead to exactly what you want.

The first step is making the choice to live your dream life and only you can make that choice. Your friends and family can help you get there but you have to make the choice to start it. Do you want to be one step closer to living your dreams?

Today is the day to make that choice and never look back.